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Provide DeFi liquidity to earn up to 912% APY.
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912% APY
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Short-Term & Long-Term

Choose which plan works best for you
60 days
328.5% APY
Up to 0.9% daily
365 days
547.5% APY
Up to 1.5% daily

Note that there are no daily payouts for LP plans. You can claim your profits on the deposit maturity date.


Power Up!

Your APY with NEOS

NEOS is pegged with the US dollar in 1:1 ratio. Back invested amount with NEOS to boost your APY.

Back 100% of the LP deposit with NEOS to get additional profit of +1% APY*

* LP rewards are paid in both invested cryptocurrency and NEOS at the same APY rate.
**You must back no less than 1% of the LP deposit amount to get the APY boost.

LP Rewards Calculator

Select crypto, timeframe and NEOS amount
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*LP rates on Neosify can change over time, so does your deposit percentage.

DISCLAIMER: The calculator is for informational purposes only. Crypto rates are subject to change and the final amount of earnings may vary.

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NEOS Presale

NEOS Token Presale

Exchange any crypto for NEOS with zero exchange fee.
NEOS current price: $1

Buy NEOS before it is listed on exchanges.

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